Baccare & Associates, LLC - Transaction Services

Is your company looking to acquire a strategic partner? Are you a financial buyer that sees a potential opportunity and needs due diligence assistance? Does your company want to divest a business line or perhaps the entire business? Is your company having difficulty integrating a recently acquired business? Baccare & Associates, LLC offers comprehensive transaction services that can be tailored to meet your needs including:


       Buy-side services

  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates. 
  • Making initial contact with targets to gauge interest in pursuing a possible transaction.
  • Performing an initial assessment of prospective targets to determine financial and strategic fit.
  • Preparing a benchmark valuation of the target that is used as the basis for determining the transaction price, terms and structure.
  • Assisting clients in performing in-depth due diligence on the target entity.
  • Developing the appropriate transaction price, terms and structure based on valuation, operational and financial assessments.  
  • Assisting clients with the negotiation of the transaction documents.
  • Supporting buyers in disputes associated with purchase price adjustments.
  • Assisting buyers in developing and executing post-acquisition integration strategies.


       Sell-side services   

  • Analyzing the financial and operating environment to prepare a "sense of value" of the seller. 
  • Preparing a quality of earnings and net assets analysis and helping the seller identify potential EBITDA and net asset adjustments.
  • Maximizing value by staging entities for sale.
  • Preparing a confidential, descriptive selling memorandum that highlights the unique aspects of the seller.
  • Identifying and soliciting offers from buyer candidates.
  • Assisting client with the negotiation of provisions in the Letter of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Coordinating the due diligence process.
  • Managing the closing process to assure prompt, smooth closure of the transaction.
  • Supporting sellers in disputes associated with purchase price adjustments.